Meet our services of ​​quality engineering and electromechanical assemblies.

Quality Engineering

Services performed during the fabrication and on-site assembly of mechanical and electromechanical equipment and components for power generation, from several companies and their suppliers:
• Container loading and transport verification;
• Diligence;
• Equipment testing;
• Expediting;
• Final testing;
• Inspections;
• Inspection of assembly, manufacturing and safety;
• Monitoring;
• Monitoring the production process;
• Non destructive examinations (NDE);
• Quality assurance and control;
• Routine and type testing;
• Surveillance;
• Tests and examinations.

Other services:
• Administration of quality assurance program;
• Audits of suppliers; • Consulting;
• Consulting services related to electrical failures;
• Project verification; • Provision of documents;
• Provision of work safety technicians, planners and administrators;
• Qualification of steel angles transmission lines suppliers;
• Routine and type testing;
• Technical support.

Serviços de Gestão de Qualidade | Brazil Quality Services | BQS

Electromechanical Assembly

Assembly services:
• Quality control;
• Complete assembly of equipment;
• Corrections;
• Disassembly and reassembly after complete repair of equipment;
• Maintenance and supervision services;
• Repair of equipment;
• Supply of skilled labor;
• Surveillance services;
• Replacement parts
• Remote inspections at suppliers .

Serviços de Montagens Eletromecânicas | Brazil Quality Services | BQS


We maintain total contact with customers during the manufacturing and assembly phases, and we provide electromechanical assembly services in Brazil and other South American countries. Know our differentials and know why it is worth hiring us.

How can we help your company?

How can we help your company?